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I am Sébastien FELIX, welcome to my webpage specialized in Fridrich method and additional tips. The R-OLL and Multislotting section should, to my mind, be used only when you have already mastered the basic fridrich method and became used to fingertricks with your Rubik's Cube. I recommend these tips for sub15 cubers, because if you average higher than that, it means you still have to improve your basic fridrich method to get close to 10s for F2L and 5s for LL. I have to say that many cubers achieve 12.xx averages using a pure fridrich method, which correspond to a F2L in about 8s and a LL in 4s

If you have any question, comment or suggestion : zemalinou@gmail.com


14/12/2007 : Upload of some Multislotting F2L solves.

10/12/2007 : Upload of the One-Handed PLL Videos and some multislotting solves.

25/11/2007 : More detailled R-OLL section, with a description of 3 ways to practice this method.

23/11/2007 : Openning of the Absolute Mind website.

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